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Turkmen Nature

My Dear People,

I feel proud of my Türkmen territory and Türkmen land. This sacred land inspires my heart like a poet’s.

Amyderýa was called the Oguz River until the era of Gorkut Ata.

What is now known as the Hazar (Caspian) Sea was called the Gürgen Sea by the Oguz of the Gorkut Ata era.

We have sacred territories that will open the eyes of those who became blind from weeping for their lost lands. We have wonderful songs that open deaf ears. We have beautiful smelling springs that make silence burst into song. We are the owners of these beautiful lands.

This land is Türkmen territory in which Hydyr walks in beautiful deserts, Kowus walks in shadowy mountains, Kyýas walks on the shrinking shore of the sea.

Türkmens seek refuge in its territory, so like a laden table. This territory is called Türkmen land which has been made of pearls, diamonds and gold! Its soil is its treasury, its subterranean resources are its treasury, its mountains and its sea are its treasury. We produce crops in this land in all seasons. They are harvested, their seeds multiplied by thousands and returned back to the soil.

This Türkmenistan is trustworthy like the Türkmen’s promise, high-ranking in honor, sacred like the Türkmen’s home, miraculous like the Türkmen’s belief.

In the blue sky of this land white geese and cranes prepare for wedding days, beautiful springs and summers come from the sky of this magical land, and clouds with rains and thunderbolts make the Türkmen homeland very green and contented.

The happiness of the Türkmen Spring cannot fit into a Türkmen’s soul and the land and sky tell its story, the roses bloom from the stones.

We say welcome and open our arms to those who come to these lands. World travellers, our gate and soul are open. Come and visit us! Come and travel in the lands of Oguz Han, Gorkut Ata, Seljuk Han, Alp Arslan, Melik┼čah, Soltan Sanjar, Görogly and Magtymguli.

My fellow countrymen, though you are not travellers, you visit this territory, touch the soil on which many valued people, rulers and your ancestors lived.

This land is a sacred and miraculous land.

This sacred land with its mountains, fields, seas, deserts, and rivers is of God’s grace and favour to our nation. If it was said, “You are free. Travel around the globe and choose wherever you want as your homeland,” the sons of this nation could not find a more beautiful and beneficial land. Our nation, founder of more than seventy great states, principalities, and Soltanates, after roaming the globe, settled in these lands.

Words lack sufficient power to tell of the fatherly mercy and motherly compassion of this land.

During the last millennium, the love of our nation penetrated the depths of this land. It seems the love of homeland became an inseparable part of our nation’s spirit. Truly, our nation and homeland are like body and soul.

For us, this land is splendid. Those brave men who sacrificed their lives for this land are buried here. In this land you find Mäne Baba (Abu Seýit Abyl- Haýyr), who influenced the whole Islamic world and travelled every inch of our land praying to Allah and shedding tears for the goodness of all people. You find sincere concerns and pleas of Magtymguly, who travelled all through our land, the mountains and valleys, keeping long vigils during the late hours of the night and the early hours of the mornings praying for the salvation of all people. You find the spirit of Görogly riding his horse all through our land at a gallop for the defence of all the oppressed, ill-treated and innocent.

In this land, if you plant the stick in your hand it will bud as green as a forest, or bloom like a rose garden; if you shoot an arrow into the soil it will turn into a golden ear of grain! In this land, the words which fall from your mouth become wise sayings. These lands are no less than a blessed source of bread and abundance for those who live here!

The greatest rivers rise from the accumulation of the smaller water sources flowing from the slopes of the mountains.

Even the largest forests are formed by the cracking of very small seeds.

However, rivers do not drink their own water.

Gardens do not eat their own fruits.

Read Oghuznama, Gorkut Ata, or Görogly and you see a harmony with nature; this harmony reminds you of the relations between father and son. Thus Türkmen nation calls this country the “homeland.” This kind of relationship gives the Türkmen spirit naturalness, health, spiritual loftiness, and beauty. In this we can see the affinity between the hero Gorkut Ata and the rivers and the plains, and the respect and attachment of Görogly for the mountains.

The Türkmen goes out to nature, the mountains, the sea, the banks of rivers and the desert when he feels lonely, when he is perturbed and also when he is very happy. If you walk in the mountains and rivers and climb high hills, your heart will began to fly like a kite; at that moment the human being forgets all the pains and sufferings of the world, and participates in the world of the spirits. If you go around the world, you may find mountains and forests that are a hundred times more beautiful than those of the Türkmens, like Paradise. However, those mountains cannot understand you and cannot share your sufferings. Outside this territory you cannot find deserts, seas and rains that can blow musical instruments and sing songs in Türkmen.

The things that unite us are not only our mother tongue, our state, our blood, our soul, our dress, our similar faces, and our traditions, but also our nature because Türkmen means integrity. Integrity is understood as the highest value in the Türkmen conception.

Material and spiritual values are the ingredients of the integrity of the Türkmens.

As in the relations between humans and nature, balance is also needed in the relations between state and nation. There should not be discrimination between tribes in our state; the fundamentals that consolidate national unity should be accentuated. The idea of tribe remains in the past; national integrity is the essence of the future.

The balmy breezes of the Türkmen land waft through the heart of the Türkmen.

The mountains of the Türkmen, which reach the sky, talk in Türkmen and support you; the huge deserts talk in Türkmen; and spring seasons grow tulip gardens in your heart.

The great rivers of the Türkmen speak in Türkmen and flow with your fate; the rough sea of the Türkmen speaks in Türkmen and contributes to the maturing of your spirit.

Your spirit combines with the spirits of your ancestors and fills your heart with love, pride and enthusiasm.

The directions of Oguz Han have remained in the memory of the people as the way of Oguz Han.

The directions of Gorkut Ata have remained in the memory of the people as the way of Gorkut Ata.

The directions of Görogly Beg have remained in the memory of the people as the way of Görogly Beg and the directions of the father Magtymguly have remained in the memory of the people as the way of Magtymguly.

Our ancestors held this territory as sacred; they valued this territory and they lived here. Here exist the sacred tombs of our ancestors.

The scarlet soil of the Türkmen is sacred, beloved and lovely as fresh bread.

This land is such a fertile land that if you plant a dry stick here with sincere intent, it becomes green.

Every single seed sown in this land yields a thousand, two thousand, three thousand more.

The words scattered in this land grow into views and thoughts.

The arrows fired into this land grow into golden spikes of wheat.

The corpses of our ancestors were scattered on this land and gave birth to our everlasting affection, pride, and blessing for our territory.

Our affection and effort become a divine gift in this land, to return as food on the dining table of the Türkmen.

I began my life loving this country; I turn to the bosom of this land in affection.

There is nothing more sacred and beloved than the land.

To be Türkmen is nothing other than to love our own land.

We have become the Türkmen nation by loving this land and by uniting on this land.

One of the factors that differentiates Türkmens from other nations is our approach towards religion. Our nation’s view on religion has always been the same even in the centuries when religion was dominant. The main reason for this is the secular bases inherent in the character of the Türkmen nation. The nation has always based its behaviour on discipline in life. It has accepted Islam with its own interpretation. It managed to synthesize pre-Islamic beliefs and traditions with Islamic ones without deviating from the essence of Islamic principles. This strengthened the life of this nation because in this way the Türkmen nation was able to protect its own foundations.

Türkmen land is the land on which gold was scattered. If you serve such a land, it will give back its gold abundantly to you.

Love your land so that its golden red becomes a crop, you become cheerful and the scents of the clumps of flowers permeate everywhere with their sweet fragrance.

Love your land so that your love fills your granary like the crops which wave like a sea. Your love endows with its blessed favour the plane tree, the pomegranate, the apricot, the plum, and the apple.

As in the relations between humans and nature, balance is also needed in the relations between state and nation. There should not be discrimination between tribes in our state; the fundamentals that consolidate national unity should be accentuated. The idea of tribe remains in the past; national integrity is the essence of the future.

The fundamental principles of the Türkmen character, naturalness, honesty, and trust stem from this relationship with the environment and the qualities of the Türkmen spirit.

The nature of the Türkmen is the essence of the Türkmen nation.

The nature of the Türkmen is the first and main source of understanding of the spiritual world of the Türkmen.

The nature of the Türkmen is the alphabet of the spiritual language of the Türkmen.

After creating the magnificent universe, and its innumerable systems and the blue planet in them, Allah, in his mercy, created man upon the Earth. Therefore, Allah made the earth and man in it as the best of creation. That is why a human loves the soil, from which he was created, and the earth and Allah, the Creator of all.

The heart of the wild seas rises into the sky in the form of clouds which then fall on the earth as rain. In one part of the world there is spring, full of beauty, while in other part there is summer, full of blessings; in another part there is autumn, full of abundance, an in another there is winter, with snow as white as cotton, excited at the prospect of the coming spring.

Uzboy means the place where the houses of Oguz stand in order next to one another. In the past, the villages and towns of the Türkmen people were arranged in order by the Jeyhun. Gardens, springs, trees, and flowers and all the facilities needed all stood in unity. This was called the Türkmen garden.

Why did Oguz leave Uzboy? Because the Oguz river dried up. If there is no water, then there is no life. The Oguz had to migrate because of drought.

Although it is centuries since the Jeyhun river changed its bed and left Uzboy, we still see little ponds here and there. There are wild grasses around them! Part of the water in those ponds came from the ground and part is still not salty. One still sees Türkmen villagers in Uzboy who are engaged in animal husbandry. The grass and dried shoots are in fact invaluable for livestock and wild animals as food during winter. It is also a haven for wild game and hunting animals!

Water is scarce in Türkmenistan. Were it possible, we would re-vitalize the Uzboy for the sake of the memory of our ancestors who were not pleased with the situation of Uzboy in the past.

Wait, my Uzboy! One day I hope you will recover your former beauty. We have started building the Türkmen lake here. One day we will transfer its endless waters to you through refineries and provide you with an abundant amount of water. The Türkmen nation will follow the path left by their ancestors and hoist the green flag of life in Uzboy again!

Spring is the smile of the earth. Smile at each other. Do it honestly when you meet. Greet one another through smiles. Talk to each other with smiles.

My dear Türkmens, you are much closer to one another than relatives are. You are the Türkmen nation that lives around the same hope, on the same ground and under the same flag.