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DPKO and DFS release "New Horizon" internal document on peacekeeping
21 July 2009 / 10:31

[Dateline: New York | Author: Department of Peacekeeping Operations / Department of Field Support]

A New Partnership Agenda: Charting a New Horizon for UN PeacekeepingThe Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) and the Department of Field Support (DFS) have released A New Partnership Agenda: Charting a New Horizon for UN Peacekeeping, an internal document (or ‘non paper’) reflecting the perspectives of the two departments as part of the “New Horizon” process of developing a forward agenda for UN peacekeeping.

The non-paper, which was released to Member States and peacekeeping partners on Friday, 17 July, was prepared to support a reinvigorated dialogue with the aim of forging a peacekeeping policy agenda that reflects the perspectives of all stakeholders in the global peacekeeping partnership. 

The non-paper is not an official UN policy document.  It does not present a definitive set of solutions, nor does it stake claim to a monopoly of wisdom on peacekeeping. It does not replace earlier reform efforts, but instead builds on our achievements to date and identifies outstanding as well as new dilemmas that must be tackled to realize the continuous improvement towards which we strive. 

At the core of the non-paper is a call for a renewed global partnership for United Nations peacekeeping that encompasses the Secretariat, members of the Security Council, the General Assembly, contributors of personnel and financial resources, and our many partners from within and outside the UN system.  This global partnership has three dimensions:

  • A partnership in purpose: a shared vision of the role and purpose of UN peacekeeping and a more inclusive approach to designing, planning, and managing UN peacekeeping operations.

  • A partnership in action: a shared commitment to implementing this vision on the ground through delivering on critical peacekeeping tasks and managing crises.

  • A partnership for the future: a collective dedication to building and sustaining peacekeeping into the future, by examining ways of drawing on global resources and flexible, innovative measures to deploy, support, and sustain peacekeepers.

“This non-paper contains important commitments by DPKO and DFS to help revitalize this global partnership,” said the Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Alain Le Roy. “DPKO and DFS will begin to develop an action plan to guide the implementation of these internal commitments and on how to crystallize workable solutions based on the recommendations in the non-paper through an intensified dialogue with Member States.”

The Under-Secretary-General for DFS, Susana Malcorra acknowledged that much of the work laid out in the non-paper will have to be developed over time, with engagement and support from Member States. 

“Recommendations will require additional refining before work can begin in earnest, including in-depth analysis of the financial and human implications of a modernized support system, efforts to grow capacity to better project and communicate future requirements for peacekeeping missions, and a commitment to designing and establishing standards for the performance of mission essential tasks, among others,” said the Under-Secretary-General.

Recognizing the challenges this comprehensive agenda presents, the two USGs maintained that “the two Departments must begin to act quickly to demonstrate our commitment to Member States and to maintain a momentum that will draw in other stakeholders and partners.” 

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