The flag was designed by well-known Saint Lucian artist, Dunstan St. Omer, who was the winner of the National Flag Competition. The design of the Flag is in a similar vein expressing the dominance of the Negro Culture associated with that of Europe against a background of sunshine and ever blue sea coupled with the Island's famous twin Pitons rising sheer out of the sea - symbolic of the new Nation's hope.


On a plain blue field, a device consisting of white and black triangular shape; within its base a golden triangle occupies a central position. The triangles are superimposed on each other - the black on the white and the gold on the black. The black ends as a three-pointed star in the center of the Flag. The width of the white part of the triangle is one and a half inches on both sides of the black. The distance between the peaks of the black and white triangles is four inches. The triangle shares a common base, the length of which is one third of the full length of the Flag. The dimensions of the National Flag shall be in portions of six feet by three feet (6' x 3' ) and nine inches by four and a half inches (9" x 4 1/2").


Cerulean Blue represents fidelity. This blue reflects our tropical sky and also our emerald surrounding waters- the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Gold represents the prevailing sunshine in the Caribbean and Prosperity.

Black and White represent the cultural influences - the black represents the Black culture and the white, the White culture, symbolic of the two races living and working in unity and harmony.

The design impresses the dominance of the Negro culture, associated with that of Europe, against a background of sunshine and ever-blue sea. This is represented by the three triangles in the centre of the Flag symbolizing the Pitons.

The triangle, the shape of which is an isosceles triangle, coupled with the Island's famous twin Pitons at Soufriere, rising sheer out of the sea towards the sky - themselves a symbol of hope and aspiration of the people of Saint Lucia.


The flag should be of regulation appearance. It should not be faded or bleached, or a torn flag should be repaired before being hoisted;

The flag mast should be painted white

No other flag may be flown above the Saint Lucia flag. When several flags are flown on one Hilliard, the Saint Lucia Flag is placed at the peak. When the flags of two or more nations are displayed together they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height and all the flags should be, as far as possible, of the same size. The flag of one nation should not be displayed above that of another.

No other flag, colour, standard, ensign or other emblem should be displayed above or to the right of the National Flag, i.e.. to the left of the observer while facing it

When two flags are placed against a wall with crossed staff, the Saint Lucia Flag should be at the right (i.e. to the observer's left facing the flags) and its staff should be in front of the other flag. When a number of flags are grouped and displayed from staffs, the Saint Lucia Flag should be at the centre and at the highest point of the group.

When the National Flag is flown with other flags, it should be the first to be hoisted and the last to be lowered. It should never be lowered while the other flags are flying or being hoisted.

The flag may be displayed above and behind the speaker in a church or in an auditorium. If on staff, it should be at the right of the speaker as he faces the congregation or audience. Other flags should be at the speaker's left. If the flag is displayed on a staff elsewhere than on a platform or chancel, it should be at the right of the audience or congregation as they face the speaker. It should not cover a speaker's desk or be draped in front of a platform.


When carried with another flag or flags, the flag of Saint Lucia should be held on the marching right or in front of the centre of the line of flags. When the flag is passing in a parade or in a review or during a ceremony of hoisting or lowering the flag, all persons present should face the flag and stand at attention.

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