Marriages in Saint Lucia may be celebrated by licence of the Hon. Attorney General, after the
publication of banns in the case of a religious marriage, or after publication of Notice in the case of a civil marriage.

To obtain a licence, one must apply to the Attorney General by Petition lodged by a local solicitor at the Hon. Attorney General's Chambers. There is a two-day (2 day) residency period. It takes two (2) business days to process the application. ( It is possible to be married on the fifth day after arriving in Saint Lucia if all documents are in order and procedures followed).
Church weddings can be arranged in advance.

The Petition must state:-

    • The Christian or other names and surnames of the parties, their respective rank, profession or occupation;
    • The place where, and the name of the status officer who will solemnize the marriage;
    • Whether either of the parties has been previously married, and if so, whether there has been a divorce;
    • That they know of no impediment of kindred or alliance, or other lawful cause to prevent the proposed marriage;
    • Where either of the parties, not being a widower or a widow, is under the age of eighteen yars, that the consent of the person/persons whose consent to the marriage is required, has been obtained.

The petition is to be signed by both parties, and must be accompanied by an affidavit of one of the parties verifying the facts mentioned in the petition, immigration cards and birth certificates and/or passports, and where applicable, divorce documents ( Decree Absolute) If either party has changed his/her name, eg. by Deed Poll or otherwise, the relevant documents MUST be produced. Only Original Documents or those certified as a true copy of the original by an authorised official, are accepted. Exhibits such as the Decrees Absolute, Birth, Marriage or death certificates, passports. Deed Polls, must be originals or certified copies. Documents in a foreign language, MUST be translated into English by a certified translator.

For hotels offering special wedding packages, visit the St.Lucia Tourist Board website.

FEES: Notarial fees & Marriage Licence: EC$402.50
Registrar's fee: EC$100.00
Marriage Certificate: EC$ 8:00

($1.00 US = EC$2.70 )


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