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The Members of the Protocol and Liaison Service

Chief of Protocol:


Note Verbale on the departure of the Chief of Protocol and the appointment of an Officer-in-Charge

Deputy Chief of Protocol (Officer-in-Charge):

Ms. Nicole BRESSON-ONDIEKI, 917-367-4320 (

[NOTE: Ms. Pilar FUENTES-CONTE will be covering for Ms. Nicole BRESSON-ONDIEKI from 1 November to 31 December 2014.]

Senior Protocol Officer*:

Ms. Pilar FUENTES-CONTE, 212-963-0720 (

Protocol Officers*:

Mr. Fariz MIRSALAYEV, 212-963-7177 (

Mr. Jean-Marc KOUMOUE, 212-963-7179 (

Assistant to the Chief of Protocol:

Ms. Pamela OBINO, 917-367-2549 (

Senior Protocol Assistants:

Ms. Wai Tak CHUA, 212-963-7181 ( : Accreditation to UN meetings: please see ‘Accreditation to UN Meetings’ section

Mr. Hans GROHMANN, 212-963-2938 ( : Website/IT focal point; Blue Book, Lists: Heads of State, Heads of Government and Foreign Ministers; Senior Officials of the UN; Permanent Representatives to the United Nations; etc.

Protocol Assistants:

Mr. Gavin PAN, 212-963-9036 ( : Assistant to Protocol Officers

Mr. Haunath KASSI, 212-963-7172 ( : Assistant to Protocol Officers

Mr. Roderick SANTOS, 212-963-3602 ( : Assistant to Protocol Officers

*Protocol Officers’ assignments are listed in the following documents: Permanent Missions and Observers and Inter-Governmental Organizations.