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manual of protocol
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I. Establishing a new mission in New York

II. Letters of credentials

III. Appointment of a new Permanent Representative

IV. Letters and notes verbales

V. Registration of members of permanent/ observer missions

VI. Diplomatic privileges and immunities

VII. Categories of United States visas for diplomatic and non-diplomatic members of permanent/observer missions, their families and household employees

VIII. Changes in permanent/observer missions

IX. Temporary absence of a Permanent Representative/Observer from Headquarters

X. Termination of service at permanent/observer missions

XI. Accreditation of delegates to meetings

XII. United Nations building passes

XIII. VIP passes

XIV. Protocol passes

XV. Composition of Governments of Member/ observer States

XVI. Change of official name of a Member State or a national flag

XVII. National holidays

XVIII. The "Blue Book"

XIX. Official visits of dignitaries to United Nations Headquarters

XX. Official mourning

XXI. Special arrangements for General Assembly sessions

XXII. Use of the Dag Hammarskjöld Auditorium

XXIII. United Nations garage parking decals