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General Information

NEW: Update to UNHQ Building Passes

Protocol Procedures

eAccreditation procedure for temporary meetings

  • Note Verbale - Information on the establishment of new "eAccreditation" procedure to accredit all delegations to temporary meetings at Headquarters
  • Guidelines - Step-by-step instructions on using the eAccreditation system
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Common questions and issues that may arise during the eAccreditation process
  • Form SG.39 - Appointment of authorized eAccreditation Focal Points and Backup Focal Points
  • The Protocol and Liaison Service, in conjunction with DGACM/ICTS and the Pass and ID Unit of DSS, gave a presentation on 22 July 2013 covering aspects of eAccreditation and the standard registration process for members of Missions and Officers. The PowerPoint presentations can be found here and here, respectively.

Special Announcements

69th Session of the General Assembly