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Permanent Mission of the Republic of the Philippines to the United Nations

Philippine Statement

H. E. Mr. Lauro L. Baja, Jr.
Permanent Representative of the Philippines to the United Nations

Launching of the Report of the Global Commission
on International Migration (GCIM)

ECOSOC Chamber, 5 October 2005

Mr. Secretary General,
Ladies and Gentlemen:

I wish to join the other members of the Core Group and co-hosts of this event in welcoming the members of the Global Commission on International Migration and congratulating them in the launching of their report a major achievement that could serve as a basis for the formulation of a coherent, comprehensive and global response to the issue of international migration.

I also wish to thank the Secretary General for his strong support in putting migration at the global agenda, calling migration in his In Larger Freedom Report as one of the “major substantive issues of the day.”

For this reason, the Philippines welcomes the 2005 World Summit Outcome recognizing the important linkages between international migration and development and the need to address this issue in a coordinated and comprehensive manner. Indeed, the increasing movement of peoples across borders calls for a comprehensive and effective international mechanism for cooperation that would address its multidimensional aspects, particularly its politico-security, its social, its cultural as well as its economic development dimensions. The Philippines stands ready, therefore, to cooperate with all countries in contributing towards the formulation of effective global mechanisms that would help ensure a smooth management of migration.

We are confident that the GCIM’s Report could enrich our discussions on international migration and development. At the same time, it could serve as additional inputs to the 2006 High-level Dialogue of the General Assembly on International Migration and Development that would provide us not only an opportunity to discuss its multifaceted dimensions, but to also forge a cogent and comprehensive global response to the migration phenomenon.

We hope that the Report generates means of publicizing the migration issue and encouraging a comprehensive and sustained global/regional debate on it. It is not expected that every recommendation of the Report will be adopted. However, discussing them will hopefully generate further ideas leading to positive action on the migration issue. The challenge now is to avoid a situation, which would confine the Report to the dustbin without having had a fruitful debate on its findings and recommendations.

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