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There are literally thousands of islands dotted around the perfect blue waters of the Pacific - from tiny coral atoils that come and go with the tide to rugged volcanic outcrops like Kosrae and the islands of Pohnpei. Between them, the islands of Air Nauru's Pacific offer a feast of beauty, history and adventure which is unequalled by any other region on earth.

Lots To See, Lots To Do: Air Nauru

There are spectacularly beautiful waters to dive, magnificent jungles to trek; birds to watch, sunsets to dream about, palm fringed beaches and a rich diversity of culture to observe and enjoy. Whether you're staying on one island, island-hopping or planning a stopover on your way between east coast Australia or New Zealand and Manila or Hawaii, Air Nauru can fly you to a Pacific the average tourist rarely sees.


Coral pinnacles lend an eeriness to the landscape of Nauru, the airline's home base. They are the legacy of a century of mining rich phosphate deposits which are now almost depleted. In 1798, the english explorer, Captain John Fearn presumed to name Nauru "Pleasant Island". Nauru was the leader in opening up the glories of the Central Pacific to travellers by estabilshing the region's first modern international airline.


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Yaren is the capital of Nauru and a place from where you can move around very easily. it's the place from where you can plan the activities like deep sea fishing or scuba diving.

Anibare Bay

This is the best beach in Nauru swimming here is a treat. Sun, sand, and shades are in abundance at this beach.

Nauru is unique in regards to fishing as it is surrounded by very deep water and most pelagic species can be caught a stone throw from the reef. Species caught include Yellowfin Tuna, Skipjack Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Barracuda, Marlin, Shark and more. Fishing is very consistent throughout the year and the best times are usually August to January.


Apart from Christian religious festivals like Christmas and Easter, there are few festivals celebrated here. Independence Day is celebrated here on January 31, Constitution Day on May 17, and Angam Day October 26. Angam Day celebrates is a special occasion that celebrate various times in Nauru's history when the population of the country returned back to 1500.


Air Travel Resources

Air Nauru is the national airlines of the country and connect it with Pohnpei, Manila, Guam, Tarawa, Suva-Nadi, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Airport is situated in Yaren near the Parliament House.

Local Transport

There is an encircling road that runs for 19 km. There are several kilometres of roads inside the island. Most of the island can be walked around or you can take public transport buses and taxis. Cars can be hired and an International Driving License is the only requirement.

Travel Resources


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Civic Centre Sales Office
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Nauru General Hospital Yaren
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Bank of Nauru
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