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Photo Essay of the Nauruan People in the early 1900s

The island of Nauru is well known for the phosphate mining that took place there. Perhaps less well known are the Nauru people who have a very distinct and beautiful history, culture, customs, rituals and lifestyle. They were at one with their island and its surrounds.

The images on this Web site are both historical and rare and show the people of Nauru as they existed before 1921. This was a time when their culture, customs and lifestyle had not been excessively disrupted by the phosphate mining and by the Japanese occupation during World War 2.

NOTE: Point to each photo to read the description.

A traditional Nauruan village A road bordered with coral makes the twelve mile circuit of the island of Nauru, following the beach for the entire distance.
A lady carrying coconut drinking vessels. In her hand she holds an implement for grating coconut. Fishermen
Nauru lagoon Buada lagoon
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