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Nauru House is located at the Paris End of Collins Street, on the corners of Collins, Little Collins, and Exhibition Streets… There are two main entries conveniently situated at both Collins and Exhibition Streets.

When constructed in 1977, Nauru House was the tallest high-rise building in Melbourne, with a height of 183 metres. It is distinguished by an octagonal shape, and four blue, twelve-pointed star emblems surrounding the top of the building. The twelve points representing each Nauruan tribe.

At night, the building is one of the most recognisable, with these glowing, blue stars like a signature etched on Melbourne’s skyline.

Nauru’s Prized Possession

Nauru House was originally developed and is still owned by, Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust. And it is the Government’s showcase property in Australia.

The site itself was bought for $5.3 million in 1971; and the building underwent a $46 million upgrade between 1992 and 1994. This included a facelift, to replace the building’s pebble-mix facade (and the faded cement render) with matt-grey aluminium cladding. In all, about 12,000 square metres of cladding was attached, enough to reclad about 600 suburban homes.


  • Melbourne's tallest building from 1977-1980
  • Reclad in aluminum in 1992 after pieces of the concrete facade started falling off.
  • Height increased by 7 Metres in 2001 with the addition of a mechanical penthouse.
  • To make way for the development of Nauru House in the 1970's two buildings with high heritage values were demolished on Collins Street, amid much public outcry, to provide the tower with a Collins Street adress. The proposed redevelopment will reinstate the built edge to Collins Street by filling in these two gaps.
  • Plans have been approved for the redevelopement of the forecourt of Nauru House consisting of a glassed in atrium with roof top garden at the base of the tower fronting Exhibition Street, an 15 storey office tower at 76-80 Collins Street and a 7 storey mixed use tower at 84 Collins Street.