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Nauru, the smallest republic of the world, has its own international airline - Air Nauru - that previously served 15 countries and territories. It also has its own ocean shipping line, an earth satellite station for international communications, and its own national bank - Bank of Nauru.

It has broadcasting stations namely, Nauru TV (NTV), and Radio Nauru. Radio Nauru offers program of traditional culture, information and classical and modern music, as well as island music.

In the past few years, Nauru enjoyed its Internet access established with the efforts of His Excellency Ambassador Vinci N. Clodumar. CenPac (www.cenpac.net.nr) is Nauru's Internet Service Provider since 1998.


Economic Overview of the Republic of Nauru

  • Economic Profile on Nauru
    A brief overview about the socio-economic environment of Nauru, recent economic activity, and issues.
  • When Paradise Is Not Enough
    The Pacific Island of Nauru used to be idyllic. Once known as the "Pleasant Island", its people lived from the sea with white beaches and palm trees. Today, however, years of phosphate mining have devastated it. Jocelyn Carlin, of CWM Inside Out Magazine (September 2001 Issue), asks whether Nauru will recover.
  • Air Nauru: Airline of the Central Pacific
    Nauru was the leader in opening up the glories of the Central Pacific to travellers by establishing the region's first modern international airline.
  • Nauru: Game Fishing On The Edge
    Field editor Bushy of Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures takes us to a unique new game fishing hotspot - the Pacific Island of Nauru - where hot pelagic action is often only a five minute boat ride away, and the food is great.

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