UNGA 56th session

Third Committee

Agenda items 108 







                                                                                                                        16 October 2001

Mr. Chairman,

             Now I wish to introduce the draft resolution entitled “Cooperatives in social development” on behalf of its co-sponsors listed in document A/C.3/56/L.8, namely Mongolia, Morocco, Panama and Thailand. I would like to note that the name of Morocco is missing in the document. Furthermore, I am pleased to announce that Philippines have also become co-sponsor of this draft resolution.

             It has been recognized that cooperatives, in their various forms, are becoming a major factor of economic and social development by promoting the fullest possible participation in the development process of all people, including women, youth, older persons and people with disabilities. The potential and contribution of cooperatives for the attainment of social development goals have been emphasized both in the Copenhagen and Geneva final documents.

         As the report of the Secretary-General on cooperatives in social development clearly indicates that in many countries cooperatives, in their various forms, continue to play an important role in poverty alleviation and in promoting employment. The report contains useful information in this regard based on the replies received from Member States. Ii is reported that in some countries the membership in cooperatives has been growing, and cooperatives are gaining power and influence in social development of the country. Some Government paid a particular attention to promoting cooperative education through educational projects, others created a legal and regulatory environment and provided financial and technical assistance to cooperatives in their countries. 

             But today, there still remains an urgent need for creating a supportive environment for the development of cooperatives, for enabling Governments to develop an effective partnership with cooperatives to meet their manifold social and economic challenges. In this regards, the preparation by the Secretariat of the revised draft guidelines aimed at creating a supportive environment for the development of cooperatives is of a particular significance. We are confident that the adoption at this session of these guidelines as a set of general principles to be used by Member States in developing or revising their national policies on cooperatives shall be crucial importance. With that in mind the delegation of Mongolia together with its co-sponsors is submitting the draft resolution for the Committee’s consideration.

             But, I must inform you, Mr. Chairman, that the informal consultations are also under way on this draft resolution. My delegation hopes that we will come out with an agreed text, which will be circulated as document L.8 Rev.