United Nations General Assembly
62nd session
Agenda item: 167 
Peace, security and reunification on the Korean peninsula

October 31, 2007


Mr. President,
Mongolia fully supports the draft resolution on €œPeace, security and reunification on the Korean peninsula,€ contained in document A/62/L.4.
We attach high importance to continued inter-Korean dialogue and welcome its historic progress this year. The Second inter-Korean Summit of 4 October 2007 was marked with success by adopting the Declaration on the Advancement of North-Korean Relations, Peace and Prosperity. Full implementation of the Declaration will be crucial in improving inter-Korean relations and reinforcing the growing atmosphere of confidence and trust in the peninsula.

As a Northeast Asian nation with nuclear weapon free status, Mongolia views that a nuclear-weapon-free Korean Peninsula is essential to the peace and stability in the region. In this regard, Mongolia welcomes this year€™s progress achieved in the Six-Party talks on denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Consent by the DPRK to disable all its existing nuclear facilities is a major breakthrough. We look forward to early implementation of all agreements reached among six nations.

In its effort to facilitate the Six-party talks, Mongolia hosted t
he Second Round of the Working Group on the Normalization of relations between the DPRK and Japan from 4 to 5 September this year. Mongolia hopes an early normalization of relations among relevant countries can be realized in near future and supports all efforts in this regard.

We have potentials to facilitate further the Six-party Talks process taking into account the fact that Mongolia maintains an active relations and cooperation with both Koreas. Therefore, we reaffirm our readiness to assist or facilitate the talks on denuclearization of the Korean peninsula to its successful conclusion.

In conclusion, progress towards peace, security and reunification on the Korean peninsula has positive impact to the establishment of multilateral security cooperation mechanism in Northeast Asia, which has been advocated by Mongolia for a while. We are optimistic that in light of recent progress the proposed mechanism would gain further grounds for support in the region and beyond.


Thank you.