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Madame President,


1.      Today in this plenary meeting we have opportunity to examine the 10th annual report on the work of the Organization by Secretary-General Kofi Annan.


2.      Let me join those who have paid tribute to Mr.Kofi Annan for his far-sighted vision, courage, strength and tireless efforts in transforming the UN for the 21st century. Under his wise leadership we have made progress in implementing the Millennium Declaration and its roadmap, the 2005 World Summit Outcome.


3.      As we are making the UN as a truly global service provider we need to do our utmost in meeting the challenges of a changing world. My delegation appreciates the Secretary-General for arranging his report on four core areas corresponding the 2005 World Summit Outcome Document, plus the fifth “Global Constituencies.” 


Madame President,


4.      Mongolia attaches utmost significance to development pillar of the UN system. During the General Debate my Prime Minister dwelt on our national efforts and measures towards implementing our commitments under the Millennium Declaration and the 2005 World Summit Outcome more thoroughly.


5.      I would like to express our appreciation to the UN Country Team in Mongolia for its partnership in our endeavor to implement the MDGs. From the next year we will be implementing the new five-year UN Development Assistance Framework, which has been prepared through a very close consultative process on the basis of Mongolian Government’s socio-economic action plan with the focused aim of achieving the MDGs.   


6.      We support Secretary-General’s proposal in his report to introduce new targets under Goal 1 and 5. Ensuring full and productive employment of the population is one of my Government’s top priorities.


Madame President,

7.      The UN role in maintaning peace and security around the world has increased significantly during the past year. Whether it is crisis in Lebanon or DPRK’s missile test or Iran’s nuclear programme issue, the international commuinty continued to rely on the UN to resolve all these challenges.


8.      The UN’s peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding activities have grown to be a truly global service in the past decade. It is also heartening to note that blue helmets from developing countries are shouldering the most of that service in UN peacekeeping missions.  


9.      Mongolia has also activated its participation in UN peacekeeping operations. Earlier this year Mongolia saw its 250 peacekeepers to take part in a UN-mandated peacekeeping operation for the first time. Although Mongolia is a newcomer, last May my country with her peacekeeping contribution ranked 39 from 109 troop contributing Member States.


10. As the UN peacekeeping transforms for more efficient, effective and complex operations we are doing our best to be ready to provide not only troops but other personnel necessary for UN peacekeeping operations.


Madame President,


11. We are grateful for the Secretary-General and Advisory Board for recently approving financing from the UN Democracy Fund of Mongolia’s proposed project. The project will contribute towards achievement of national additional Millennium Development Goal 9 on strengthening human rights and fostering democratic governance. Since democratic and sound governance is overarching framework for achieving the MDGs we strongly believe that incorporation of MDG-9 into the set of global targets would be very practical. Mongolia’s MDG-9 sets interlinking targets on ensuring human rights, democratic governance and zero-tolerance towards corruption.


12. We have recently contributed our modest share in the UN Democracy Fund.


13.  The Secretary-General’s observation of the ICNRD as a forum for supporting democracy among 120 countries in his report is valid appraisal of our work of past three years in its capacity as chair of the 5th ICNRD. Mongolia will continue its endeavor to promote democratic values at the international level through its active participation in the Community of Democracies and elsewhere. My country will report on its activities and hand over its chairmanship to Qatar, which will be hosting the 6th ICNRD in less than one month time and chair the movement for the coming years.


Madame President,


14. The 60th session of the General Assembly will be regarded as a memorable one for it established Peacebuilding Commission, Human Rights Council and the Central Emergency Response Fund and adopted comprehensive Counter-Terrorism strategy. In this regard, I would like to pay tribute to H.E.Mr. Jan Eliasson, former president of General Assembly, for his able leadership.


15. Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s reports on “A Programme for Reform” (1997), “An Agenda for Further Change” (2002), “In Larger Freedom” (2005), “Investing in the UN” (2006) were crucial reform documents in strengthening the Organization. His sweeping reform package contained in those reports helped the UN and its Secretariat to be prepared to the needs of the 21st century and address the new challenges. It is commendable that administrative and organizational reform measures falling under the authority of the Secretary-General have been largely implemented or set in motion. My delegation is confident that the next Secretary-General will bring the UN reform process to new levels.


16. The 2005 World Summit Outcome document outlined the need of more effective, efficient, coherent, coordinated and better-performing UN country presence. Mongolia is very interested in initiatives that strengthen UN country presence through such innovative ideas as “one UN, one programme and one team.” In this regard, we are looking forward to the Secretary-General's recommendations on system-wide coherence in the areas of development, humanitarian assistance and the environment.


17. In this process of strengthening the UN, we support the Secretary General’s call for recognizing the voices of civil society and the private sector as responsible global constituencies. If their contribution is well channeled they can constitute a valuable asset to our work towards more secure, prosperous and just world.


Madame President,


18.  Mongolia supports stronger and more structured relationship between the UN and regional organizations. Mongolia is making efforts to play a larger, active role in such regional organizations as the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA), Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Asian Cooperation Dialogue. We have also reached out for the first time to the European regional structure and recently become the 5th Asian Partner of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).  Furthermore, let me extend our gratitude to those Member States that have supported us in joining the ASEM this year. We hope that our long aspiration for becoming member of APEC will be fulfilled with help of regional countries next year.


19.  Mongolia cannot but worry about the security uncertainties in Northeast Asia. This sub-region lacks a mechanism of cooperation for security and stability at the governmental level (track I level). The time may have come to start thinking about the possibility of engaging in a dialogue at the track I level, starting with a free exchange of views within the framework of the UN General Assembly. 


20. In conclusion, let me note that the General Debate of our leaders has shown that global partnership is needed more than ever today. The global partnership towards development, security and ensuring human rights is only means to achieve the goals set out in the Millennium Declaration and implementing the 2005 World Summit Outcome as well as make progress in the noble work of our Organization.  Mongolia is doing its best for fulfilling its duties and responsibility and expect the global partners to do the same.


Thank you, Madame President.