Statement by H.E. Mr. Choisuren Baatar,
Permanent Representative of Mongolia
Introduction of draft resolution
“Mongolia’s International Security and Nuclear Weapon-Free  Status” (A/C.1/61/L.53) 

October 20, 2006

UNGA 61st session
1st Committee                                   

Madame Chair,

 I have the honor to introduce a draft biennial resolution entitled “Mongolia’s international security and nuclear-weapon-free status, contained in document A/C.1/61/L.53.

 This resolution comes at a time of heightened tension in Northeast Asia. The situation arising from the DPRK’s nuclear test once again reaffirms Mongolia’s nuclear-weapon-free status as an important initiative for confidence and trust building on a wider regional context and beyond, by creating a neutral zone, that is transparent, stable and predictable. This status is a good role-model for other countries in the sub-region.

 The contribution of Mongolia’s NWFS to strengthening regional stability was acknowledged by Presidents of Mongolia and the People’s Republic of China during President N. Enkhbayar’s state visit to China last year. Furthermore, in May 2006 President of the Republic of Korea expressed his support for Mongolia’s endeavours to institutionalize its nuclear-weapon-free status at the international level, as an important measure of strengthening the non‑proliferation regime and contributing to confidence-building measures in North-east Asia and beyond.

 The Secretary-General in his latest report A/61/164 concluded that the increased references to Mongolia’s nuclear-weapon-free status, at the bilateral, multilateral and international levels, are evidence of its growing international recognition. My delegation cannot but agree with this concusion.

 All in all our initiative continued to be supported by the international community as it can be seen from important political documents such as the Final Document of the Fourteenth Conference of Heads of State or Government of Non-Aligned Countries, held in Havana, from 11 to 16 September 2006 and declaration adopted at the Conference of States Parties to Nuclear Weapon Free Zones held in Mexico in 26-28 April 2005.

 Madame Chair,

 Allow me to draw your attention to the draft report prepared by the governmental working group on the implementation of the law of Mongolia on its nuclear-weapon-free status and the resolution of the State Great Hural (Parliament) contained in document A/61/293. The working group comprised representatives from various ministries and government agencies as well as representatives of the civil society. One of the many findings of the report was that Mongolia’s endeavors to implement Article 4.2 of the Law of Mongolia on its nuclear-weapon-free status which stipulates that “transportation through the territory of Mongolia of nuclear weapons, parts or components thereof, as well as of nuclear waste or any other nuclear material designed or produced for weapons purposes shall be prohibited” and thereby respond to the threat of illicit trafficking in WMD and related materials through maintaining appropriate effective border controls and law enforcement efforts had been hampered by a shortage of trained personnel and the necessary equipment. Therefore, the report advised to seek assistance from the international community in the following areas:

·        provision of up-to-date, high sensitive detection equipment, portable detection instruments, x-ray equipment to screen cargo;

·        upgrading of the database on cross-border movements;

·        training of customs and border patrol officers in areas such as export controls; biological security and related standards; prosecution of groups and individuals engaged in terrorist activities involving WMD.

    Madame Chair,

 The draft resolution before you has been updated in order to reflect the developments that have taken place since the adoption of resolution 59/73 while maintaining the main thrust of the previous resolutions under this agenda item. Like in previous years, it takes note of the report of Secretary-General, expresses appreciation to the SG for the efforts to implement resolution 59/73, endorses and supports Mongolia’s good-neighborly relations with its neighbors; and invites Member States to continue to cooperate with Mongolia on implementation of the provisions of the resolution. 

 The draft resolution has been subject to careful examination by interested delegations and enjoys wide support. My delegation, therefore, hopes that the Committee will agree, as before, to adopt the draft resolution without a vote.

 I thank you, Madame Chair.