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6 October, 2004



Mr. Chairman,


I extend my warm felicitations to you on assuming the Chairmanship of the Second Committee and to all Bureau members on their election. My delegation is confident that under your able leadership the Committee will successfully accomplish its mission.


Taking this opportunity, I express my thanks to my friend Ambassador Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury for his successful stewardship of this committee during the last session.


Mr. Chairman,


My delegation associates itself with the statement made by distinguished representative of Qatar, speaking on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.


Mr. Chairman,


Leaders of all UN Members States signed up to the Millennium Declaration and committed their countries to achieve jointly 8 Millennium Development Goals. These goals, reaffirmed in Monterrey and Johannesburg bind the international community to time-bound and measurable development tasks. Both, developed and developing countries have shared responsibility to achieve them. The rich countries were called to relieve debt, increase aid and give the poor states fair access to their markets and their technology. Developing countries on their part are responsible for undertaking policy reforms in order to have good national policies and good governance.


            So far, the overall progress is still disappointing and resolute and urgent concerted actions are needed.


            We share the view that if the world is to achieve internationally agreed goals, we will need not only significant changes in policies but also major efforts by developing countries to implement domestic reforms, good governance and the developed world to mobilize additional financial resources. In this regard, we support proposals raised by some of our colleagues to utilize this session for identifying practical ways for achieving the development goals.


            Mongolia welcomes various international efforts to find new significant resources for development, including the initiatives by UK and Brazil-France-Chile-Spain. It is our hope that the international community will give careful consideration to these initiatives for their feasibility.


            Being one of 16 countries selected for the Millennium Challenge Account, Mongolia commends the US Administration for its creation and supports the underlying principles of this development assistance, which rewards the countries that rule justly, invest in their people, encourage economic freedom, reduce poverty through economic growth and focus on results. We hope that such development assistance could be most effective and make difference in bringing real economic growth.


            We believe that fair international trade regime could contribute significantly to the success of development agenda in the developing countries. Specially global trade liberalization in agriculture and improved market access to the OECD economies surely enhance and stabilize export earnings of developing countries. In this respect, my delegation notes recent positive developments in trade negotiating process and welcomes the outcome of the UNCTAD XI and the Framework Agreements on the Doha Work Programme reached last July. We stand for special and differential treatment of those developing countries, in particular small and vulnerable economies that seek full market access and low import tariffs from their larger trading partners.


            Despite several initiatives undertaken over the past years by the international community, unsustainable external debt and debt problems remains a serious obstacle to the pursuit of economic and social development of many developing countries. We are of the view that increased and concerted efforts should be made by the international community to find lasting solutions to the debt problems of developing countries. We attach importance to innovative ideas and initiatives including the idea of exchanging debt for social development. Debt relief by the lender countries and international financial institutions could give strong push to the economic growth of the poor countries. In this respect, successful resolution of debt problem between Mongolia and the Russian Federation inherited from the socialist past is a good example. We are confident that the relief of more that 10 billion dollar, that is 98 per cent of the whole debt will give significant boost for the economic development of Mongolia.


Mr. Chairman,


2005 will be crucial and defining year for the international community. Our leaders will meet again in Summit here to review the progress towards achieving the MDGs. This universal organization will celebrate its 60th Anniversary. With respect to our commitments and preparation for the major event Mongolia is launching in a few days its first national report on the achievements of the MDGs and endeavours to consistently work towards their implementation in close collaborations with its development partners. Millennium Development Goals emanating from the Millennium Declaration are our vision and our dreams. If we carry our strong conviction, our dream will surely become reality.


Having said that, I assure you, Mr. Chairman, of full support and close cooperation of my delegation for the success of the committee’s deliberations.


I thank you.