Ulaanbaatar, 17 October 2002

Mr. Secretary-General,
Mrs. Nane Annan,
Resident Coordinator,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

  On behalf of the Government and people of Mongolia and in my own name I wish to wholeheartedly congratulate you on the occasion of the inauguration of the United Nations Common House, bringing the UN organizations in Ulaanbaatar under common umbrella, thus serving as an embodiment of intensifying their development partnership for Mongolia.
The fact that Mongolia became a full-fledged member of the United Nations over 40 years ago constituted a historically significant event that secured our independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity in the world. During this period the scope and content of our multilateral cooperation have continuously expanded.

I wish to underline that the UN support and assistance to Mongolia has been instrumental in her development efforts. Mongolia started to receive economic assistance from the United Nations back in 1963 and UN grant aid is now estimated at more than 150 million USD. In addition the UN has created invaluable knowledge and information capacity that can not be expressed in monetary terms. This assistance has contributed tremendously in implementing important goals such as laying down the foundation for some national industries, promotion of education and health care, poverty alleviation, environment protection, governance capacity building, ensuring human security and development of the information technology. I should like to emphasise that UN support and assistance have been invaluable as we embarked along the painstaking path of democracy and market economy since early 1990s. The people of Mongolia have not forgotten the humanitarian assistance and support rendered by the United Nations as we suffered serious natural disasters over the last few years and the UN officers, who lost their precious lives while carrying out their sacred mission.

As Mr.Kofi Annan said yesterday in his address to the State Great Khural "each country must put its best foot forward in the international community". Mongolia attaches great importance to draw the attention of the international community to our own interests a well as common challenges and problem facing the developing countries. In particular, Mongolia has sponsored resolutions of the UN General Assembly pertaining to UN Literacy Decade: Education for All, the role of co-operatives in social development, the advancement of rural women, promotion of the rights of land-locked developing countries and the principles of the international negotiations.

In the 1990s Mongolia has actively participated in the United Nations international conferences on children, women, human rights, social development, food security, environment and sustainable development. A series of One World conferences that brought together decision makers and adolecents to deliberate on the actions undertaken as a follow-up to the aforementioned global conferences has become a distinctive yet remarkable event.

Another important task that we have undertaken within the framework of the United Nations reform was the elaboration of five year strategy document on our cooperation as known the United Nations Development Assistance Framework. Its main goals have been reflected in the Country Cooperation Framework with the UNDP, UNICEF and UNFPA for 2002-2006 and they are closely linked to ensuring coherence in development assistance, streamlining coordination as proposed in the Secretary-General' report - Strengthening the United Nations: Agenda for Further Change.

The Government of Mongolia is committed to working more actively with the United Nations and UN country team headed by the Resident Coordinator Mrs.Menon in promoting poverty alleviation, advancing the livelihood of our people and ensuring the sustainable development of the country.

On behalf of the Government of Mongolia I am very pleased to be able to provide these premises as a testimony of our commitment for the UN country team during the visit of the United Nations Secretary-General. I wish good health, happiness and all the best to the residents of the UN Common House.

Thank you.