Statement by Mrs. Norma Taylor Roberts
Deputy Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the United Nations
at the 2003 United Nations Pledging Conference for Development Activities

I wish to offer congratulations on behalf of my delegation to you, Mr. Chairman, and to the members of the Bureau on your election to guide our deliberations today.

Mr. Chairman

The Pledging Conference is a symbolic event. Not only does it provide a forum for Member States to publicly announce their intended contributions to the respective UN Funds and Programmes, it also provides the opportunity for States to share information on activities being undertaken by the various agencies and to express appreciation to our partners and donor agencies as well as to staff of the United Nations and volunteers who participate in administering these programmes.

Mr. Chairman

While Jamaica is not in a position to announce its pledges today, we wish to give an undertaking that we will shortly be able to confirm our pledges for contribution to UNEP, UNFPA, UNDP and UNICEF. We greatly appreciate the valuable work being undertaken in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean by these Agencies. These are the entities which really make a difference and touch the day-to-day lives of our people. Among the areas in which they are involved are:

It is increasingly being recognized that such development programmes are important contributors to the process for peace and stability.

Mr. Chairman

We have noted the Report of the Secretary General on the operational activities of the United Nations for international development cooperation, and the comprehensive statistical data provided and we wish to thank him for the information.

Permanent Mission of Jamaica to the United Nations
New York
November 4, 2003