The Prime-Minister Adolphe Muzito

The President
 His Excellency Joseph  KABILA KABANGE



1 M. Adolphe LUMANU MULENDA BWANA N’SEFU : Vice Prime-Minister for Interior and Security
2 M. Louis Alphonse KOYAGIALO NGBASE te GERENGBO : Vice Prime-Minister for Postal Services, Telephones, and Telecommunications
1 M. Alexis THAMBWE MWAMBA : Minister of Foreign Affairs
2 M. Raymond TSHIBANDA N’TUNGAMULONGO : Minister of Cooperation International and Regional  National
3 M. Charles MWANDO SIMBA : Minister of defense and Veteran
4 M. LUZOLO BAMBI LESSA : Minister of Justice and Human Rights
5 M. Richard MUYEJ MANGENZ : Minister of Relations with the Parliament
6 M. Lambert MENDE OMALANGA : Minister of Communication and Media
7 M. MATATA PONYO MAPON : Minister of Finance
8 M. Jean-Baptiste NTAHWA KUDERWA BATUMIKE : Minister of Budget
9 M. Olivier KAMITATU ETSU : Minister of Planning
10 Mme Jeannine MABUNDA LIOKO : Minister of Portfolio
11 M. Jean-Pierre DARUWEZI MOKOMBE : Minister of National Economy and Trade
12 M. Fridolin KASWESHI MUSOKA : Minister of Infrastructures, Public works and Reconstruction
13 M. José ENDUNDO BONONGE : Minister of Environment, Conservation of nature and Tourism
14 M. Gilbert TSHIONGO TSHIBINKUBULA WA TUMBA : Minister of Energy
15 M. Martin KABWELULU LABILO : Minister of Mines
16 M. Célestin MBUYU KABANGO : Minister of Hydrocarbons
17 M. Joseph Martin KITUMBA GAGEDI GASAGISA MWANZA : Minister of Transports and Communication channels
18 M. Victor MAKWENGE KAPUT : Minister of Public Health
19 M. Leonard MASHAKO MAMBA : Minister of Higher and University education
20 M. Maker MWANGU FAMBA : Minister of Primary, Secondary, and Vocational Education
21 M. Norbert BASENGEZI KATINTIMA : Minister of Agriculture
22 M. Charles ALULEA MENGULWA : Minister of  Rural Development
23 M. Anicet KUZUNDA MUTANGIJI : Minister of Industry
24 M. Justin KALUMBA MWANA NGONGO : Minister of Commerce
25 M. Jean-Marie BULAMBO KILOSHO : Minister of Medium & Small Business
26 Mme Marie-Ange LUKIANA MUFWANKOLO : Minister of Gender, Family Affairs and Children
27 M. KISIMBA NGOY MAJ : Minister of Land Affairs
28 M. César LUBAMBA NGIMBI : Minister of Urban Planning and Housing
29 M. Simon BULUPIY GALATI : Minister of Labor
30 M.  Ferdinand KAMBERE KALUMBI : Minister of Social Affairs, Humanitarian Action & National Solidarity
31 M. Dieudonné UPIRA SUNGUMA : Minister of Public Service
32 M. Jean-Pierre BOKOLE OMPOKA : Minister of Scientific Research
33 M. Claude BAZIBUHE NYAMUGABO : Minister of Youth and Sports
34 Mme Jeannette KAVIRA MUPERA : Minister of Culture and Arts
1 M. Georges ZUKA MON’DO UGONDA-LEMBA : Vice-minister of Interior
2 M. Ignace GATA MAVITA WA LUFUTA : Vice-minister of  Foreign Affairs
3 Mme. Céline LETETA KUMISA : Vice-minister of Justice and Human Rights
4 M. Jean MBITSO NGEDZA : Vice-minister of Finances
5 M. André SHIKAY LUBOYA BANKINA : Vice-minister of Budget
6 Mme. Xavérine KAROMBA MITIMTUJE : Vice-minister of Trade
7 M. Gervais NTIRUMENYERWA KIMONYO : Vice-minister of Public Affairs
8 M. Willy BAKINGA W'ILINA : Vice-Minister of Transport
9 M. Arthur SEDEA NGAMU ZABUSU : Vice-Minister of Primary, Secondary & Professional Education
10 M. MUSA KALEMA : Vice-Minister of Labor & Social Affairs

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