Statement by H.E. Ambassador Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti

Permanent Representative of Brazil to the United Nations

Reports of the Secretary-General on the Sudan 

9 February 2011

It is a great honor to preside over this historic meeting. 

The last time Brazil held this Councilís presidency, almost six years ago, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement had just been signed. 

Since then, the CPA parties and the Sudanese people have come a long way in the path towards the democratic transformation of Sudan.

Brazil warmly congratulates all Sudanese for the peaceful and transparent conduct of the Southern Sudan referendum. We commend the Sudanese leaders for displaying statesmanship and for their determination to pursue dialogue and mutual understanding. 

We applaud the CPA parties for having accepted the results of the referendum and for committing to their implementation.

Brazil also commends the excellent work of UNMIS, under the leadership of SRSG Haile Menkerios. We reiterate our appreciation for the contribution of the Panels led by Presidents Mkapa and Mbeki. 

However momentous this achievement, the holding of the referendum is but another step towards peace, stability and development in Sudan.

We encourage the CPA parties to continue to address the remaining issues and post-referendum arrangements in the same atmosphere of cooperation that prevailed during the holding of the referendum. 

It is important that the Popular Consultations in Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan states be completed and that a solution be found concerning the status of Abyei. 

The UN must continue to provide assistance, as requested, to ensure a smooth transition in the post-referendum period. 

Options for the future presence of the UN in Sudan must take into account the interdependence between security and development, which so clearly manifests itself in the Sudanese conflicts. 

Institution building and strong support for development will be necessary in Southern Sudan. The Peacebuilding Commission could play an important role in this regard.

The time has also come for the long-awaited peace in Darfur. The Doha peace process must come to a conclusion soon. Conditions must be reached for the launching of the Darfurian Political Process. 

We are encouraged by the participation of LJM and JEM in the Doha peace negotiations. Brazil deplores, nevertheless, the recent upsurge in hostilities and the continuing attacks on UNAMID and on humanitarian agencies. 

Bilaterally, Brazil is looking forward to strengthening its ties to both North and South Sudan. 

Our bilateral trade has been increasing in recent years. New partnerships are being forged in agriculture and biofuels. Cooperation initiatives are yielding results. 

With peace and stability in Sudan, those initiatives will certainly thrive and be followed by many others.

We hope this momentous occasion marks the beginning of a future for all Sudanese that fully realizes their aspirations for stability, peace and development.