Statement by H.E. Ambassador Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti

Permanent Representative of Brazil to the United Nations





Security Council 


Briefing on Darfur - Prosecutor


New York, 11 June 2010



"Thank you, Mr. President.

I welcome Prosecutor Moreno-Ocampo to the Security Council today and thank him for his comprehensive briefing.

As the Prosecutor's remarks and report indicate, this meeting takes place in the light of the recent decision by the International Criminal Court to officially inform this Council of the non-cooperation of the Republic of the Sudan with the execution of the Court's warrants of arrest of two Sudanese citizens, namely Ahmad Harun and Ali Kushayb. We regret this situation.

The Security Council cannot but uphold decisions of international courts, including the International Criminal Court. Brazil reaffirms the imperative for all Member States to fulfill their obligations under the Rome Statute, as well as Security Council resolution 1593. Sudan is no exception.

At the same time, we must intensify our collective efforts to create the political conditions that will make it easier to obtain Sudan's cooperation.

In this context, my delegation commends the Prosecutor for his active cooperation with the African Union, in particular with the AU Panels led by President Mbeki. As indicated in the report by the Prosecutor, regional actors can play a crucial role in helping to find solutions for the Sudanese conflicts. The Mbeki Panels have made a very important contribution in that regard. We look forward to a strengthened dialogue and co-operation between the ICC and the African Union.

Mr. President,

Brazil is deeply concerned with the security and humanitarian situation in Darfur, which has clearly deteriorated.

We are particularly troubled by attacks on civilians, UNAMID personnel and humanitarian workers. This is entirely unjustifiable and unacceptable. Also troubling is the continued sexual and gender-based violence. We remind perpetrators of the potential legal implications of those crimes and renew our firm call for them to immediately and completely cease such practices.

We also call on all parties, especially the Sudanese government and the Justice and Equality Movement, to exercise utmost restraint, with a view to not imposing further suffering in a region scarred by years of bloodshed.

Finally, we call on all parties to engage in earnest in effective negotiations and reiterate our full support for Mediator Djibrill Bassolé.

Thank you."