Statement by H.E Ambassador Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti,
Permanent Representative of the Federative Republic of Brazil to the United Nations 

Security Council
The situation in Kossovo

12 November 2010

Mr. President,

I welcome H.E. Mr. Vuk Jeremic, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia and thank him for his statement. I also thank Special Representative Lamberto Zannier for his briefing and Ms. Vlora Citaku for her remarks.

Mr. President,

The report of the Secretary-General depicts a scenario of  rising ethnic tensions, especially in the north of Kosovo. Multiple clashes between Kosovo Serbians and Kosovo Albanians 
and attacks on persons from minority communities are expressions of a situation that requires the attention of the Security Council. Current tensions also reveal the depth of the mistrust and prejudice that communities and individuals still have to overcome.

In such an atmosphere, it is imperative that all authorities in Kosovo provide for the security of all persons, regardless of their ethnic origin or religion. All parties must also refrain from any acts that can create further instability. Building a truly diverse and tolerant Kosovo should be a common goal pursued by all.

Mr. President,

My delegation deplores the publication by Pristina authorities of an inaccurate report on the UNMIK
Administration of Mitrovica that fueled a damaging media campaign against the Mission. UNMIK was established by the Security Council and challenges to the Mission's authority are a clear violation of resolution 1244 (1999).

We also remain concerned at the Secretary General's assessment that relations between the Mission and Pristina continue to be at arm's length. We reiterate our call for both Belgrade and Pristina to cooperate actively with UNMIK and SRSG Zannier, especially in advancing practical arrangements that may benefit the ordinary citizen. 

Mr. President,

As resolution 1244 (1999) remains in force, it continues to be the main parameter for the presence of the United Nations in Kosovo and all those who operate there under the overall authority of UNMIK.

The resolution also continues to offer the basis for the dispute to be settled through negotiations with a view to reaching a legitimate solution under the auspices of the Security Council, consistent with its primary responsibility in the maintenance of international peace and security. 

We therefore reiterate our call to the parties to resume negotiations on all outstanding issues as soon as possible and cooperate with each other in good faith. In this regard, my delegation welcomes the willingness of the European Union to facilitate dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, as acknowledged by the General Assembly on 9 September last. We hope both parties will take full advantage of such opportunity. 

I also welcome the Secretary-General's intention to keep the Security Council informed of developments in the dialogue supported by the European Union. A solution to the dispute in 
Kosovo is a matter of concern not only for the parties themselves but the whole international community.

Thank you.