Statement by H.E Ambassador Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti,
Permanent Representative of the Federative Republic of Brazil to the United Nations 

Security Council
The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

11 November 2010

Mr. President,

I extend a warm welcome to H.E. Nebojša Radmanovic and thank him for his statement. I also thank the High Representative, Mr. Valentin Inzko, for his informative briefing and the  report before us.

Brazil commends Bosnia and Herzegovina for having held free, fair and credible general elections last month. The vote should contribute to the consolidation of democracy and help strengthen key political institutions. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina is also to be commended for the calm that continues to prevail in the country. We acknowledge EUFOR's role in contributing to a safe and secure environment 
in the country. We fully support the renewal of the Security Council's authorization for the force. 

Also positive is the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to develop its relations with its neighbors. The completion of conditions for visa liberalization with the European Union is also a positive step in the path towards region integration.

Mr. President,

My delegation reiterates its commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We support all efforts to strengthen the State at national level and, at the same time, preserve the rights and prerogatives of all communal entities. The future of Bosnia and 
Herzegovina as a stable, prosperous and united country hinges on the strict respect for the pertinent international and domestic legal provisions on the division of powers among the different levels of government. 

We are therefore concerned at statements and measures by the entities that question the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Challenges to the Dayton Accords and its institutional arrangements, as well as divisive rhetoric should be avoided. 

In this regard, we call on all actors to respect the authority of and cooperate with the High Representative. It is collaboration between and among entities entities and the State that will lead to the closure of the Office of the High Representative and the transition to reinforced European 
Union presence. 

Mr. President,

The international community should maintain its active support for Bosnia and Herzegovina in its pursuit for political stability and socioeconomic development. 

There is no future for a divided Bosnia and Herzegovina. We hope all concerned can come to this conclusion, put aside differences and work together. We are convinced that the Bosnian people, with the support of this Council, can and will succeed in consolidating a fully functional and self-sustaining State.

Thank you.