“Consultation of the Security Council on Burundi" 

  Statement by Mr. Paulo Tarisse da Fontoura, Minister Plenipotentiary,
 Permanent Mission of Brazil to the United Nations
 Security Council, New York, June 16, 2005



        My delegation would like to welcome His Excellency the Minister of Justice of Burundi, Mr. Kiganahe and thank him for taking the time to come to New York to express the views of his Government on the recommendations made in the Kalomoh report. I also extend our appreciation for the briefing given by the Assistant Secretary-General of Legal Affairs, Ralph Zacklin.


        Brazil believes that there is a very broad consensus, including among Council members, regarding the need to fight impunity in Burundi, particularly because the Burundians themselves understand that the quest for truth and justice is an essential part of their peace and reconciliation process. The consensus covers also the timing for action.  We should move forward in the smooth and prompt way.

In this context, we expect the authorities in Burundi, members of the current interim Government, and those who will be elected in the near future, will cooperate fully with the international community, and in particular with the Secretary-General and his Special Representative.  At the same time, we hope the Council and the international community can act in a timely manner, providing the guidance and assistance required by the Burundians, but also upholding their commitment regarding the implementation of the recommendations of the Kalomoh report, including their financial aspects.


        Without further due, I would sum up by encouraging the Interim Government to keep its commitment to the transition process in Burundi and to convey to all parties concerned that the end of impunity for crimes committed in that country is a way to promote peace and development.


Thank you, Mr. President.