The Situation in Somalia
Statement by Ambassador Ronaldo Mota Sardenberg, 
Permanent Representative of Brazil to the UN
Security Council, Nairobi, 19 November 2004

I thank all those authorities who made presentations during this meeting for the help they are giving us in our consideration of the current situation in Somalia. Brazil has welcomed the election of the Somali transitional President, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, who is among us, and I greet him. And we welcomed also the nomination of the Prime Minister of Somalia’s new Transitional Federal Government. We hope those developments will be followed by further steps along the path of reconstruction of the frail State structures and legal system.
Progress in the peace process would not have taken place without the efforts developed by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD). We value the role of IGAD and the relevant contribution of neighbouring African countries, which point to the strengthening of African
conflict-solving capabilities.
Nevertheless, despite all efforts, many roadblocks are yet to be overcome before peace can prevail. The security scene is a source of particular concern, and not all military factions participated actively in the negotiations leading to the transition. Consequently, not all of them are committed to its success. Businessmen and warlords continue to take advantage of the present situation.
The African Union and member countries of IGAD are already discussing possible courses of action in response to the present crisis. We note that the Somali Government favours the idea of the deployment by the African Union of peacekeepers, who would help with disarmament, demobilization and reintegration, among other tasks. Brazil has consistently supported reinforcement of African capabilities in peacekeeping, and certainly my delegation will give friendly consideration to the issue of possibly sending a peacekeeping mission to Somalia.
The new President has also publicly manifested his intention to work towards a peaceful solution of the remaining conflicts. We hope he will persevere and work as hard as he can to dissipate fears of a resort to force. In our view, the Council must continue to lend its clear,
unequivocal message of support to the national reconciliation process and to IGAD efforts. I wish also to associate our delegation with the thanks that were expressed to Ambassador
Wang for the work he has performed, and say that we support the statement before us this afternoon.
Thank you.