Statement by H.E. Ambassador Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti

Permanent Representative of Brazil to the United Nations




19 January 2009


"Mr. Chairman,

The OEWG meets yet again to address an issue on which delegations seem to have said all they had to say. However, my delegation is ready to participate in today's debate.

For those that believe that modalities are needed in order to conduct intergovernmental negotiations on the reform of the Security Council, Decision 62/557 already provides the parameters for that. It sets out that the intergovernmental negotiations will have as a basis the positions and proposals made by Member States. All along these many years of discussions in the OEWG, we have been offered a host of proposals and been informed of numerous positions on the possible outcome of the reform. It behooves now the President to organize the negotiations in a manner best conducive to achieving the meaningful reform of the Security Council to which we all aspire. A composite paper that organizes the elements mentioned in paragraph (e) of Decision 62/557 will be a good starting point. In such exercise, we are of the view that the negotiations should allow for the narrowing of the divergences and building-up of a large basis of agreement so as to enable us to attain the so-called widest possible political acceptance.

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation fully shares the analysis just made by Ambassador Takasu on the agreements we have already achieved on the objectives, principles and framework for Security Council reform. They are contained in the 2005 Outcome Document and in Decision 62/557. Attempting to reopen them is not conducive to furthering the reform process.

I wish to briefly comment on the consultations initiated on 5 December and due to conclude today. As I said in my intervention at our last meeting, Brazil sees no need for another session to discuss the results of such process. We believe that, with an oral report to the Assembly, the PGA will fully implement paragraph (c) of Decision 62/557. Delegations will then be able to do what is truly relevant for this Organization: to immediately start substantive negotiations. There is no time to waste.

Thank you very much"