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Map of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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     The Republic of Azerbaijan covers an area of 86,6 thousand square km. (forests accounting for 11.5%, water basins-1.6%, sown area-50%, including 27% pastures, 36.9%-other lands).
The country extends between longitude 44° and 52° east and latitude 38° and 42°, with Baku situated at the latitude of 40°.
      It borders with Iran (765 km) and Turkey (15 km) on the south, Russia on the north (390 km), Georgia on the north-west (480 km) and Armenia on the west (1007 km).The length of the coastline is 713 km. The distance between Baku and North Pole is 5550 km, the distance between Baku and equator is 4440 km.
The highest peak is Bazarduzu (4466m).